Providing Safe & Personalised Care To Our Community

At our Hospital, we perform a range of ear, nose and throat procedures for adults and children. Our skilled surgeons and nurses are equipped to address a range of ENT issues, from sinus surgeries and swallowing disorders to paediatric adenoidectomies. Our commitment to quality care extends to creating a supportive and comforting environment for both adults and children undergoing ENT procedures.

Our Procedures

• Sinus surgery

• Snoring/sleep disorder surgery

• Corrective breathing surgery

• Tonsil removal

Options To Pay:

Privately Insured & Department of Veterans’ Affairs 

We have agreements with all the major health funds. If you would like to see your level of cover, scroll further to contact us today.

No Private Insurance

Payment Plans Available For Uninsured Patients. If you do not have private health insurance cover, please contact us and we can tailor a payment option to suit your current needs.