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We offer private, twin shared and multi-shared rooms.

Private rooms are allocated on a medical needs basis. If a private room is available we will endeavour to accommodate your request.

The length of stay will vary depending on your medical condition. The estimated length of stay is discussed with your treating Doctor. We welcome enquiries and are happy to answer your questions.

What to bring with you

  • Any medication you are currently taking
  • X-rays relevant to this hospitalisation
  • Health fund details
  • Medicare/Pension/Concession cards
  • Safety Net card
  • Veterans Affairs Entitlement card
  • Aids that you may be using
  • Sleepwear, dressing gown, slippers
  • Day wear as required for travelling to any treatments (e.g. radiotherapy)
  • Personal toiletries such as toothbrush, toothpaste, tissues etc.

What not to bring

Whilst every care is taken, we cannot accept responsibility for personal items or cash brought to the hospital. Therefore we strongly recommend that you do not bring jewellery, other valuables or large amounts of cash.  On admission please inform the staff if you have any cash that needs to be locked in the safe.