Our Businesses

Macquarie Medical Systems

Macquarie Medical Systems is the biomedical division of Macquarie Health Corporation. Macquarie Medical Systems is active in research, design, manufacture and sale of biomedical monitoring equipment and other innovative products in Australia with worldwide distribution including Europe, Asia, Africa and North America.

Initially one of few Australian Owned ECG and Patient Monitoring manufacturers, Macquarie Medical Systems now imports quality medical devices from overseas and distributes them throughout Australia and New Zealand at competitive prices. Our products range from disposable surgical consumables, Dermlite Dermatoscopes and patient monitoring devices to the General Practice, Skin Cancer Specialist, Hospital/Day Surgery, Rehabilitation and Veterinary markets.

Derma Medical Systems

Our European subsidiary, Derma Medical Systems manufactures the MoleMax digital skin imaging range of products as well as the DermaFOTO hand held imaging device. Macquarie Medical Systems exclusively sells and services these systems throughout the South Pacific.

Derma Medical Systems, a subsidiary of Macquarie Medical Systems, is based in Vienna, Austria, with an offices in San Diego (USA). The Australian arm of Derma Medical Systems is managed by Macquarie Medical Systems. Derma Medical Systems has an extensive dealer network across the globe.

Derma Medical Systems launched the MoleMax Digital Skin Imaging System in 1997 in Sydney Australia. It was the first integrated system in the world for digital microscopy and macro imaging. It was a joint development with researchers at the Department of Dermatology at the University of Vienna. All our Digital Skin Imaging Systems are easy to use, only basic computer skills are required to operate.

Throughout the 20 year history of the company, Derma Medical Systems has been at the forefront of Digital Skin Imaging Hardware and Software and our devices are used at over 3,000 sites worldwide. Derma Medical Systems recently released the MoleMax HD and DermDOC High Resolution devices providing superior image quality, diagnostics and patient management software.

Pen CS eHealth data solutions

Established in 1993, Pen CS is Australia’s leading provider of health analytics software for national population health analysis and reporting, in primary care.

We are the only single solution platform that connects you across the patient journey using data insights to drive positive intervention at point of care.

Pen CS has a monthly audience of 18 million patients, 7,900 doctors and 4,600 general practices and health services across Australia.

Our products are employed in Population Health, Doctor and Patient Education, Clinical Trials, General Practice and Doctor Decision Support, Epidemiology, Primary Care Research and Digital Health data solutions.

We work with the Primary Healthcare Networks (PHNs), ACCHOs and peak indigenous health bodies, Aboriginal Medical Services, Australian Digital Health Agency, Ministry of Health NSW, research institutes and private, government and not-for-profit organisations.