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Macquarie Health Corporation was established by Dr Thomas Wenkart in Sydney, Australia in 1973. As a General Practitioner and healthcare entrepreneur, Dr Wenkart’s mission is to empower patients to better manage their own health. Under this credo, Macquarie Health Corporation has grown to expand the Eastern seaboard of Australia, serving patient-centred healthcare.

Today, the Macquarie Health Corporation Group includes 12 Hospitals providing Surgical Procedures, Rehabilitation and Mental Health Clinics; Skin Imaging and Dermascopy; Medical Systems; Cosmetic Procedures, eHealth informatics and data solutions.

Our mission is to create a Healthy Australia by improving patient outcomes. We do this by providing community-oriented services, team-based personalised care, state-of-the-art medical equipment and the employment of innovation throughout the patient journey.

We focus on developing long standing relationships and building esteemed professional teams to give you access to highly experienced multi-disciplinary healthcare.

Our people are the heart of our service to you, as we understand that a nurturing, warm, home-like environment promotes recovery and wellness.

Dr Thomas Wenkart also established The Wenkart Foundation which is committed to supporting the arts and health sciences in Australia.  Since its foundation in 1976 more than 100 recipients have been supported by grants totalling over $10 million. In 2006, The Wenkart Foundation restructured its grants program to endow the University of Sydney Wenkart Chair of Endothelium Medicine and the Centenary Institute. The Wenkart Family is recognised for its role in the establishment of Musica Viva and its ongoing support of Sydney Eisteddfod. The Wenkart Foundation’s credo is: “Community benefit in the shortest possible time.”

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