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We Are A Medical & Rehabilitation Hospital Providing Inpatient & Outpatient Care

You can access our rehabilitation services either as an inpatient or as an outpatient.

The rehabilitation programs at Longueville Private Hospital support those who have lost function and strength after illness, injury or planned surgery. Our expert teams work with you and your own specialists to help you maximise your potential.

Whether your goal is a speedy return to work or sport, or being able to walk around the block and look after yourself at home again, we are here to help.

Your expert team may include a rehab consultant, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, exercise physiologists, social workers, dietitians, and clinical pharmacists.

Inpatient rehab is for you if you need rehabilitation as well as hospital support for 24 hour nursing care, medication management, and assistance with daily tasks.

You would be admitted to the hospital in order to commence intensive daily rehab as an inpatient.

Outpatient rehab is for you if you are recovering from recent illness, injury or surgery, and you are able to manage your care at home, perhaps with some support.

You would attend outpatient sessions with the rehab teams several times a week, returning home after each session.

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