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Hospital Redevelopment News

About Our Hospital

Longueville Private Hospital is a 38-bed medical facility located at 47 Kenneth Street Longueville.

Longueville Private Hospital started as a hospital to care for returning War Veterans in the 1960s. Today the hospital provides medical and rehabilitation  care. Our patients’ average age is 78 years, and they spend an average of 22 Days with us before being discharged. Our main goal is to optimise their reconditioning progress, allowing them to remain in familiar surroundings, thus preventing re-hospitalisation and enabling a return to their homes and local community.  

The Development Summary

We are seeking to increase accommodation for patients to 54 beds and invest in the expansion of the rehabilitation gymnasium and hydrotherapy pool.  

The proposed redevelopment will provide the community of Lane Cove, with greater access to urgently needed overnight rehabilitation/medical beds and offer extensive allied health treatments. The redevelopment will ensure we meet the current health design and aesthetic standards, enabling high-quality care to be provided to the people of Longueville and surrounding suburbs. The new Hydrotherapy pool will be of world-class standard. 

Growing Community Needs 

  • Our current need to increase accommodation and rehabilitation facilities has already come under increasing demand as the community continues to grow and age. As of the 2016 Australian Bureau of Statistics Census, 17% of the population in Longueville and 16.3% of the North Shore are 65 and over. Another 17.7% in Longueville are aged between 50-59 years, which indicates an increased proportion of the population will be over the age of 65 in 10 years. Hardes Data provided by NSW Health reports that Admission forecasts trends to 2032 show further increases inpatient admissions in the catchment. From 2022 to 2032 there will be a 2.7% increase in sub-acute/rehabilitation, approximately 864 admissions extra per annum by 2032. This increased demand over time is alarming given the current bed shortages the community is already experiencing today.

Hospital Accommodation Upgrades

Our development will increase patient beds from 38 to 54. There will be 18 new private rooms created. 

  • Longueville Private, overtime has become less compatible with the needs of the community and modern healthcare standards due to its format of shared accommodation and limited private accommodation. The hospital’s accommodation is mainly shared rooms, there are also some very small private rooms. Based on room ratio and patient volume, 88% of patients stay in a shared room which is no longer approved. 
  • Longueville Private has consistently had all private rooms full while running shared rooms at lower capacity. This is due to multiple factors including infection control. The recent Covid epidemic and resultant enhancement of infection control guidelines require more private rooms to physically separate at-risk patients. Longueville Private is unable to absorb a high volume of patients seeking beds from RNSH due to minimal accommodation currently available in private single rooms. Longueville Privates clinical team estimates that currently 15% of new admissions have an infection including MRSA, ESPL, COVID, VRE, CDIF. If there is no private room available any new infectious patient must be rejected. 
  • There is now an undersupply of Private patient rehabilitation beds on the lower North Shore due to Hospitals closing in the area. RNSH is the closest major public and emergency hospital in the catchment, Longueville Private is the closest Rehab hospital to RNSH. RNSH reports a shortage of private hospital rehab beds in the area with wait times of over 7 days, this situation has become critical now that Greenwich and Hirondelle Hospitals have closed their rehab wards. Approximately 80 beds will close, this is close to half of all beds in the catchment! This will put major demand on RNSH and the Emergency Department with no suitable local hospital to discharge to. 
  • Private rooms and space for guests enable greater hospitality and become a very positive factor for guests who are seeking privacy.

Allied Health Facilities Upgrades 

With Chronic diseases increasing across the community, there is a direct demand for rehabilitation programs and we need to expand our facilities to provide greater access to therapies for our patients, including a new hydrotherapy pool.  

  • Longueville Private Hospital Allied Health Services are in demand for private patients to support inpatient therapies along with day only rehab patients.  Longueville Private Hospital’s development will provide enlarged facilities and access to allied health professionals. Our allied health teams include Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Cardiac Nurses, Social Workers and Exercise Physiologists. These healthcare professionals provide patients with physical and mental therapies as we help patients build their physical and mental strength. A key part of our successful patient rehabilitation outcomes is our investment in needed facilities. 
  • There is a large undersupply of Hydrotherapy Pool in the lower North Shore with limited pools available for hydrotherapy treatments within private or public hospitals. Hydrotherapy pools have been proven to help patients start rehabilitation sooner and are more intense than using a gym system. Hydrotherapy Pools differ from standard pools in that they have high levels of water purity and clarity, they are comfortable temperatures (32.5°C – 33.5°C) all year round, and have enhanced access to allow patients to enter the pool safely. Water therapies have proven to lower injury rates more than non-water therapies.  These pools enable recovery/rehabilitation for many conditions including; management of back pain, management of neck pain, post-joint replacement rehabilitation, orthopaedic rehabilitation, sports injuries, low back and pelvic pain, exercise for weight control

Community Members with Private Health

  • Our patients with private health insurance are covered for their stay and rehabilitation programs, meaning they pay no fees. According to data from the Private Health Insurance Administration Council (PHIAC) for the June quarter of 2021, the LGAs including Longueville and surrounding areas have the highest percentage of NSW residents with private health insurance. 64% of Longueville residents have Private Health, vs the average in NSW of 45.2% It would be expected by people paying for private health to have access to facilities at Longueville Private Hospital = with enhanced accommodation and allied health facilities we are seeking through this development. 

Redevelopment Plans – Questions & Answers

Patient Trends

  • What % of patients are from the Lane Cove LGA? From analysis of our patients in 2022, the majority were people from our local community, over 70% of Patients were from close proximity including Postcodes – 2060-2072 – 42%, 2110-2113 – 16%, 2088-2090 – 13% 
  • What will happen if the hospital expansion is not approved? Patients will be rejected from being able to access Longueville Private Hospital, they will need to seek alternative hospitals farther away including Hunters Hill, Dee Why, Turrumurra, Warriewood.


  • How many patient beds are there now? There are 38 now, this will increase to 54. 


  • How many extra staff will this development need? There will be approximately 6 extra staff on site per day shift, less on evening and night shifts compared to today.


  • How many extra staff will this development need? There will be approximately 6 extra staff on site per day shift, less on evening and night shifts compared to today.
  • Will the ambulance still park on Kenneth St? No, all ambulance drop off and pick-ups will be moved from Kenneth St and use our driveway on Christina St. 
  • How many day rehabilitation patients will drive and need parking? Patients attending day rehabilitation sessions generally don’t drive due to their medical condition. They use transport including community services, Uber, taxi or family/friends.
  • How many new Rehabilitation patients will visit the hydrotherapy pool? The hydrotherapy pool will attract up to 4 extra patients per rehab group session Monday – Friday.  

Hydrotherapy Pool  

  • There is a hydrotherapy pool nearby at Lane Cove Physio why can’t you use this? Our patient’s private health coverage fully funds access to our pool, but they would have to pay to use Lane Cove Physio, as the operators don’t have Hospital agreements with health funds. 

Building Heights & Setbacks 

  • Are the building setbacks within council guidelines? Yes setbacks are minimum of 2 metres and we are proposing 3 metres from the boundary around the rehab centre. 

Hydrotherapy Pool  

  • Are the building setbacks within council guidelines? Yes setbacks are minimum of 2 metres and we are proposing 3 metres from the boundary around the rehab centre. 

Healthcare Community Letters Of Support

Local Practicing Rehabilitation Doctor – Dr. Moreena Kwa

Royal North Shore Physiotherapy Department Head – Dr Gary Rolls

Chair of the Medical Advisory Committee – Dr Janice Newton

Architect’s Designs Showing The Proposed Streetscape

Perspective View From Kenneth St & Christina St Intersection

Perspective From View Christina St Walkway

Perspective View From Lorna Leigh Ln

Perspective View From Kenneth Street

We value your feedback

As a community-focused organisation, we are seeking valuable feedback from the community, and the opportunity to educate the community about our hospital services.

We are planning online and onsite meetings to talk with community members in September. Please submit your interest and any questions we can answer below.

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