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Hospital Redevelopment News

About Our Hospital

Longueville Private Hospital is a 38-bed medical facility located at 47 Kenneth Street Longueville.

Longueville Private Hospital started as a hospital to care for returning War Veterans, today the hospital provides medical, rehabilitation and palliative care. Our patients’ average age is 78 years, and they spend an average of 27 Days with us before being discharged. Our primary focus is for our patients to maintain their momentum of reconditioning, without the need to change facility, in order to keep them well and out of the hospital and return to their own home and go on with life in the local community. 

The Development Summary

We are seeking to increase accommodation for patients to 54 beds and invest in the expansion of the rehabilitation gymnasium and hydrotherapy pool.

The proposed redevelopment will provide the community of Lane Cove, with greater access to urgently needed overnight rehabilitation/medical beds and extensive allied health treatments, that meet the current health design and aesthetic standards, enabling high-quality care to be provided to the people of Longueville and surrounding suburbs. The new Hydrotherapy pool will be of world-class standards. 

Hospital Accommodation Upgrades

Our development will increase patient beds from 38 to 54. There will be 18 new private rooms created. 

  • Longueville Private, overtime has become less compatible with the needs of the community and modern healthcare standards due to its format of shared accommodation and limited private accommodation.
  • The hospital’s accommodation is mainly shared rooms, there are also some very small private rooms. Based on room ratio and patient volume, 88% of patients stay in a shared room which is no longer approved.

Architect’s Designs Showing The Proposed Streetscape

Perspective View From Kenneth St & Christina St Intersection

Perspective From View Christina St Walkway

Perspective View From Lorna Leigh Ln

Perspective View From Kenneth Street

Healthcare Community Letters Of Support

Letter Of Support – Dr Moreena Kwa

Royal North Shore Physiotherapy Department Head

Chair of the Medical Advisory Committee

We value your feedback

As a community-focused organisation, we are seeking valuable feedback from the community, and the opportunity to educate the community about our hospital services.

We are planning online and onsite meetings to talk with community members in September. Please submit your interest and any questions we can answer below.

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